Acupuncture Course

Institute of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine bring you India’s best Acupuncture course that designed for Medical professionals to enter alternative medicine and treatment career.

The course is very detailed, that requires compulsory test after each course interval in order to qualify.

In India, there’s huge popularity of Acupuncture among Indian for treatment of common to most complex health issues and diseases.

Moreover, in this course, you will learn in detail the proven methods and techniques under the mentorship of Padma Shri Dr. Raman Kapur and Dr. Sunita Kapur.

Dr. Raman and Sunita Kapur are India’s best and globally renowned acupuncture professionals. Under their leadership and guidance, many medical professionals have been able to make lucrative career.

Moreover, Dr. Kapurs’ has often served India’s top politicians, bureaucrats, cricketers and many other personalities.

Join the course to boost your career in Medical and alternative medicines.

Course Content


Lecture1.1 Course A – Introduction

Lecture1.2 Chapter 1.1: Theory of Yin Yang

Lecture1.3 Chapter 1.1 (a): The Concept Of Yin-Yang

Lecture1.4 Chapter 1.1 (b): Laws of Yin-Yang

Lecture1.5 Chapter 1.1 (b): (A) Opposition & Interaction Of Yin-Yang

Lecture1.6 Chapter 1.1 (b): (B) Interdependence

Lecture1.7 Chapter 1.1 (b): (C) Dynamic Equilibrium & Their Inter-Consuming Supporting Relationship

Lecture1.18 Chapter 1.2 (b): (A) Characteristics

Lecture1.19 Chapter 1.2 (b): (B) Classification Of Things


Lecture2.1 Course B – Introduction

Lecture2.2 Chapter 6: The Four Diagnostic Methods Of TCM

Lecture2.3 Chapter 6.1: Inspection

Lecture2.4 Chapter 6.1 (a): Observation Of The Tongue

Lecture2.5 Chapter 6.1 (b): Observation Of The Vitality

Lecture2.6 Chapter 6.1 (c): Observation Of The Color


Lecture3.1 Course C

Lecture3.2 Chapter 8: Fourteen Meridians And Acupoints

Lecture3.3 Chapter 8.1: The Lung Meridian Of Hand- Taiyin (LU)

Lecture3.4 Chapter 8.2: The Large Intestine Meridian Of Hand- Yangming (LI)

Lecture3.5 Chapter 8.3: The Stomach Meridian Of Foot- Yangming (ST)

Lecture3.6 Chapter 8.4: The Spleen Meridian of Foot- Taiyin (SP)

Course D

Lecture4.1 Course D : Acupuncture and Moxibustion Treatment

Lecture4.2 Chapter 10: General Introduction to Acupuncture Treatment

Lecture4.3 Chapter 10.1: General Principals Of Treatment

Lecture4.4 Chapter 10.1 (a): Regulation of Yin and yang

Lecture4.5 Chapter 10.1 (b): Strengthening the body resistance and eliminating the pathogenic factor

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