ORM : Learn Online Reputation Management From Basic to Advance

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Online reputation management is the process of removing negative mentions, monitoring brands image and creating a positive reputation. There are a lot of misconceptions about online reputation management. Some people think it’s just social media monitoring, while others believe it has something to do with public relations, and still others literally have no idea how it can impact business and sales.

In this module, you will understand the role of online reputation management in today’s business and media landscape. Companies of every size can benefit from having a clear outline of its main concepts.

Reasons to Learn ORM

  1. Reputation Builds Credibility.
  2. Build a Brand Image.
  3. It boosts sales.
  4. Builds Trust.
  5. Improves Search Engine Rankings.
  6. Cost-effective Marketing tactic.
  7. ORM Attracts Employees.
  8. Increases Positive Returns.
  9. Offers a chance of higher ranking.

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What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of ORM & Websites
  • ORM and Negative Review Management
  • Local Listing & Business websites
  • Bury Bad reviews in SEO
  • Earning Better Reviews
    • SEO for ORM
    • Managing the Google My Business
    • Local Guide, Local Directories & Benefits
    • Third parties Reviews
    • Professional Profile Creation on Branded Sites

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