SMO & SMM :- Learn SMO & SMM From Basic to Advance

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If you want to be successful with Social Media Marketing you will LOVE this  course! You will learn the principles and strategies that work for us and that we have used to build highly converting ads for over 50+ businesses and clients successfully! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger… any marketing via social media, we have you covered with this top-rated course! Stop wasting your money blindly running ads. MASTER paid online marketing once and for all! The optimization of your social media accounts is a REQUIRED skill for ALL marketers and business owners. TAKE ACTION and learn social media marketing on 10+ platforms starting today!

Why Should I Learn an SMO & SMM Course?

  1. Social media optimization can help you increase your online presence and improve the reach of your business.
  2. You will be able to generate content that is relevant to your target audience via social media optimization by targeting keywords that are relevant such as hashtags, branded promotions, and new product updates.
  3. You will be able to learn how to leverage Google Analytics with social media platforms so that you are more aware of customer demographics, their interests, what they’re talking about, and where they spend most of their time in the online world.
  4. Through this course, you will be able to use social media optimization and the right content strategy so that you can generate leads, increase site traffic and convert visitors into buyers through your social media outlets.
  5. The course is designed to help you learn how to take your strategy a step further and learn how to drive traffic through social media outlets.
  6. The course is useful for both beginners and experts who want to leverage social media for their online marketing campaigns.

Why Diploma Courses?

The only online course website that offers LIVE and AFFORDABLE online courses from experts in the industry. The courses offered at Diploma Courses Online consist of 2 categories of courses. One that is hand picked software training and the other a bundle of courses offered under Diploma program.
The Diploma offered is from a very reputed institute in Delhi with more than 28 years of expertise in education of Multimedia & Graphics – Caba Innovatives Head Office based in South Delhi.
Caba Offers this online training on very affordable prices to encourage many into the industry due to the growing demand in the job markets.
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What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Making the Business Case for Social Media
  • Tallying the Bottom Line
  • Plotting Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Managing Your Cyber Social Campaign
  • Cybersocial Tools
  • Discovering Helpful Tech Tools
  • Leveraging SEO for Improved Visibility
  • Optimizing Social Media for Internal and External Searches
  • Using Social Bookmarks, News, and Share Buttons
  • Making Social Media Mobile
  • Content Marketing/li>
  • Growing Your Brand with Content
  • Exploring Content-Marketing Platforms
  • Developing a Content-Marketing Strategy
  • Getting Your Content to the Masses
  • Twitter handle optimization
  • Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool
  • Using Twitter as a Networking Too
  • Finding the Right Twitter Tools
  • Social Listening with Twitter
  • Hosting Twitter Chats
  • Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool
    • Creating and Sharing Content on Facebook
    • Advertising on Facebook
    • Streaming Live Video on Facebook
    • LinkedIn handle optimization
    • Promoting Yourself with LinkedIn
    • Promoting Your Business with LinkedIn
    • Starting a LinkedIn Group
    • Using LinkedIn as a Content Platform
    • S Pinning Down Pinterest
    • Snapchatting It Up!
    • Getting Started with Instagram
    • Maximizing Stratified Social Communities
    • Profiting from Mid-Size Social Media Channels
    • Integrating Social Media
    • Advertising on Social Media
    • Delving into Data
    • Analyzing Content-Sharing Metrics
    • Analyzing Twitter Metrics
    • Analyzing Facebook Metrics
    • Measuring Other Social Media Networks
    • Comparing Metrics from Different Marketing Techniques
    • Making Decisions by the Numbers
    • Advance Web Analytics