Lead Generation : Learn Lead Generation From Basic to Advance

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You can’t build a business without loyal customers. Lead generation is the proven way to grow your customer base and your business, year after year. This course teaches business owners and marketers the essentials of lead generation: identifying qualified leads and converting them into loyal customers who advocate for your brand.

Instructor explains the framework for identifying your business and lead generation objectives and your target audience and discusses how to engage and entice prospects with effective branding and content. Then learn how to develop a compelling offer and call to action that moves prospects seamlessly through the acquisition process. To transform those leads into customers, the instructor explains how to score and nurture leads and optimize the purchase experience, so customers are encouraged to buy. Finally, the instructor explains how you can measure the performance of your lead-gen pipeline and how to adapt your efforts to best optimize their reach.

Why Lead Generation?

1. Expand Your Market
2. Grow Your Following
3. Gather More Customer Reviews
4. Boost Your Revenue
5. Generate Business Opportunities
6. Improve Lead Quality
7. Build Visibility and Awareness
8. Eliminate or Reduce Cold Calling (and Emailing)
9. Automate Lead Management

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What you’ll learn

  • Fundamental of Lead Generation
  • Goal setting for Leads
  • Various Lead strategies
  • Lead Generation through Private Networks
  • Generating Leads through Video Creation
    • Lead Generation through Email Marketing
    • Lead Generation through google Ads
    • Lead Generation through Facebook Ads
    • Lead Generation through Other Media
    • Landing Page Creation Leads & Analysis & Reporting


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