Search Engine Marketing: Learn SEM From Basic to Advance

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The course teaches you Search Engine Marketing, and especially, how to use Google AdWords to meet your marketing objectives. This is an in depth course, with practical hands-on guidance. You can start running campaigns for top brands after undergoing this program. I have ensured that only the crux of digital marketing is included in the program, so that you only work on what is necessary and are not overloaded with a lot of material which you can never finish.

It’s a course meant for Search Engine marketers, entrepreneurs or students willing to get into the magic world of online advertising and digital marketing.

Why should I learn Search Engine Marketing?

  1. To get an understanding of the principles and tactics for successful AdWords management.
  2. To get better results from your AdWords campaigns.
  3. To help your business grow online.
  4. To improve your online marketing.
  5. To help you work more efficiently.
  6. To grow your business and achieve your personal goals.
  7. To create an advantage for your business along with your competitors.
  8. To create a sustainable business model.
  9. To effectively manage a large number of campaigns.
  10. To improve your conversions and ROI.
  11. To enhance your online presence, brand awareness,n9 and credibility.
  12. To gain visibility and credibility.
  13. To improve your search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.

Why Diploma Courses?

The only online course website that offers LIVE and AFFORDABLE online courses from experts in the industry. The courses offered at Diploma Courses Online consist of 2 categories of courses. One that is hand picked software training and the other a bundle of courses offered under Diploma program.

The Diploma offered is from a very reputed institute in Delhi with more than 28 years of expertise in education of Multimedia & Graphics – Caba Innovatives Head Office based in South Delhi.
Caba Offers this online training on very affordable prices to encourage many into the industry due to the growing demand in the job markets.

Caba offers these reasonably priced courses as it offers this training type in a group of 5/7/10 for those who can afford One-To-One Training but are willing to establish their career in the field of Multimedia.

What you’ll learn

  • AdWords Fundamental
  • Creating a Google AdWords Account
  • Creating Ad Campaigns
  • Optimizing Keywords
  • Writing Ads in Google AdWords
  • Analyzing and Reporting Campaign Performance
  • Managing Bidding and Budgets
  • Configuring Language and Location Targeting
  • Enhancing Campaigns with Ad Extensions
  • Creating a Display Network Campaign
  • Implementing Advanced AdWords Features
  • Measuring Campaign Performance
  • Optimizing AdWords Campaigns for Conversions
  • Optimizing Campaigns
  • Managing AdWords with the AdWords Editor
  • Utilizing AdWords Manager Accounts and the AdWords API
  • Google Ads’ Paid and Organic Report
  • Automated Multi Budget Tracking
  • Google Ads Campaign Experiments
  • Auditing your Google Ads Account for Maximum Efficiency
    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Google Ads
    • Responsive Search Ads
    • Custom Audiences and Life Events: The Unsung Heroes of Audience Targeting
    • Advanced Remarketing Techniques for Google Ads
    • A Guide to Ad Customizers
    • Google Analytics for Google AdsWhat is Google Analytics
    • Introduction to Ads ScriptsWhat are Scripts?
    • The Definitive Guide to Google Ads Editor
    • Successful Keyword-Targeted Advertising
    • Image and Video Ads
    • Local & Mobile Advertising
    • Tracking Performance
    • Bing & it Fundamental
    • Finding Keywords for ad Copy
    • Ad Creation on Bing with advance strategy
    • Analysis & Optimization
    • 9 tips for Google Ads budget management
    • Top 5 Google Ads Hacks for Success
    • Tools & Tricks